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The Brussels Jazz Weekend is a free festival for every music lover from the Brussels region and far beyond as it draws public from all over Europe.

The festival offers a very varied program for young and old, and makes the capital of Europe swing for one weekend, with more than 700 musicians performing on the main squares in as well as in over 80 indoor venues and clubs.

Do you prefer to quietly enjoy music on one of our squares, in one of the numerous pubs, restaurants or even shops? Do you want to move and dance to 50s swing or other trendy beats? Or do you stroll through the city accompanied by our brass and one man bands? Everything is possible!

Immerse yourself in jazz in the broadest sense of the word, the whole weekend. Discover different neighbourhoods in Brussels, experience the city in all its aspects, but above all: enjoy this ultimate city celebration with friends and family!

Humphrey will be present at the Grand Place with a food stand where you can enjoy a lovely snack.

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